Bingbot now requesting /humans.txt file from all domains I can see the access logs for. Apparently, it is fairly recent initiative to appreciate the people who build websites. You can see the people behind this idea and learn more at the official site –

Screenshot of the website, fragment

The implementation is quite simple. You just put a plain text file in the root directory of your site, right beside the ‘robots.txt’. The syntax is straightforward and expandable. You can add whatever information about site developers and maintainers (and their muses and pets — nobody’s gonna stop you) you would like to share.

/* TEAM */
Developer: John Smith
Location: City, Country

/* SITE */
Last updated: 2021-02-13
Standards: HTML5, CSS3
Software: Geany

Also, you can put a link to the head section of your HTML (it is optional, as the whole thing, really):

<link type="text/plain" rel="author" href="" />
Tags: Servers