Dependability of a fountain pen hobby

The most amazing thing about the fountain pens as a hobby is that pretty much everything about them is already discovered and invented almost a century ago.

Two bottles of Caran d'Ache ink (old style) and a pelikan M200 fountain pen

Why is it a good thing? Because you can safely go on hiatus for a year or two, than return and find out everything exactly where it was before your departure. Well, of course, there will be a bunch of new colors, a few new pen models, slightly improved converter or a fancy case, but you certainly won’t miss a revolution. In fact, chances are you won’t see a revolution in your entire life.

Amazing dependability, isn’t it? Especially, comparing to anything related to information technologies.

Why would you want to leave behind a hobby you like, though? Apparently, people asking this question quite regularly. Famous fountain pen youtuber Stephen Brown answered it in one of his videos two years ago.

According to him (and he has PhD in cognitive neuroscience), activities like this can have distinct exploratory and exploitative phases. The former is when you are actively learning new things and it is when the hobby gives you the most excitement. But sooner or later you will learn enough to calmly enjoy the acquired knowledge. This is when the exploitative phase kicks in. The hobby doesn’t bring the excitement of learning something new every day now, but instead you have at your disposal the best instruments and the skills to use them to the fullest.

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