My name is Vitalii Kovalenko.

I live and work in Sofia, Bulgaria. As a representative and market researcher for the major distributor of canned and processed foods I travel all around the country, making contacts and looking for the best opportunities. I have deep knowledge of Bulgarian canned foods market. My area of expertise also includes book publishing and distribution market; stationery, paper, and office supplies market.

As an avid IT enthusiast and professional system administrator in the past I love learning new things and apply them to create new projects or automate my current tasks. My tools of choice are WordPress + WooCommerce, PHP, Python, MariaDB, and SQLite.

I have a pet project — Scribe Market — a successful online store for fine writing instruments, accessories, and supplies. I built it from scratch: registered a business, found the best European suppliers, created a modern and feature-rich website, set up warehouse and packing station, worked out all the intricacies and contingencies of shipping internationally. In 2017, I have sold my products to the customers in 85 different countries on all inhabited continents. Many of them returned for more.

I speak English, Bulgarian, and Russian. You can contact me via email vk@vk7.org.

Below you can find some photos I took recently: