Poor quality of downscaled images in Chrome, and how to fix it with CSS. Starting from the version 46 of Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers, the quality of image downscaling has dropped significantly. Here I will show how this issue manifest itself and how to fix it to some extent.

How to redirect domains with Apache. The complete guide to redirecting domains and sub-domains with Apache web-server on HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

10 things I wish I knew about travel photography. During my 15 years long dive into a photography hobby I learned a lot in theory and in practice. Here are 10 tips I wish I got earlier to improve my travel photography.

Dependability of a fountain pen hobby. The most amazing thing about the fountain pens as a hobby is that it is truly dependable.

Humans.txt. Some search engine bots started to request ‘humans.txt’ file. What is it?

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